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Make a Barista-style coffee at home with the KleenCup.

If you’re a coffee lover but don’t have the time to step out because of your busy schedule and haven’t been able to go to your favourite coffee shop, today is your lucky day because we have the perfect guide for you to make barista style coffee at home. Save yourself from that trial and error struggle to get the perfect blend by following our brewing guide!




Filtered Coffee_edited.jpg


Who knew making barista standard coffee at home could be so easy?

Ingredients Required:

  • 1 KleenCup

  • Fresh Beans from your favourite Coffee Roasters

  • Hot Water

  • Milk (optional)



  1. Get your Smile On!

  2. Coffee sure tastes better when you know your beans, so the first step to brewing good coffee is to switch from pre-grounded beans to fresh beans.

  3. Get your KleenCup or your Ceramic Coffee Cup Ready.

  4. Start with placing the filter on the Kleencup measuring the ground coffee – take 30 grams of the fresh beans and add it on the filter paper

  5. Pour your water into a boiler and heat till boiling temperature.

  6. Slowly pour heated water over the grounds in a spiral motion, making sure to thoroughly saturate it.

  7. Let this sit for approximately 45-60 seconds to brew. Add milk according to your taste preference.

  8. Voila! The Home Brewed Coffee should look frothy and smell like heaven.


Things to keep in mind while making your coffee at home: 

  1. Coffee can only taste good if you know your beans, switching from pre-grounded beans to fresh beans can make a huge difference. 

  2. It’s probably time to make a one-time investment in a grinder and a reusable coffee filter if you love the taste of the freshly grounded coffee as much as we do!

  3. Don’t overfill your cup with water as it might dilute the flavour, use the markers inside the Kleencup to keep a track of how much water will be sufficient for the perfect blend.

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