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Pouring Coffee into Filter

Coffee Brewing Methods: TheZero Waste Edition

1. The French Press

One of the easiest and the quickest ways to brew your coffee at home is by using a french press, all you need to do is measure your coffee grounds, boil a cup of water and add them to the press in a 1:12 ratio (for the strong flavor we all love).


Once you’ve added the coffee and the water, wait three minutes, and then slowly press down on the plunger to filter and voila your coffee is ready to pour!



coffee brewing french press
coffee maker
2. Chemex Coffee Maker

This method takes a little bit longer than the others but picks up the subtle flavors of the coffee and makes a smooth brew!

  • Pour over is a great way to brew a single cup of drip coffee. For a zero waste brew, use a reusable coffee filter made of cotton with a ceramic drip cone or glass Chemex.

  • Simply put the grounds in the filter, “bloom” the grounds by covering them with boiling water for 45 seconds, and then slowly pour the remaining water over your grounds.

  • A typical ratio for pour over is 1:17 grounds-to-water, but again, you can adjust this based on preference.



3. The Moka Pot

If you prefer your coffee expresso-like, this is the brewing method for you! These moka pots are stove-top coffee makers that are widely used in Italy, all you need to do is add water and coffee grounds!

  • Fill the bottom chamber with heated water and fill the filter basket with coffee grounds to place it on top of the water.

  • Turn your stove to medium heat when you transfer your moka pot on it and leave the lid of the brewer open.

  • After a few minutes, you will see a deep-brown stream of coffee

  • You know your cup is done once the stream turns to a more light-brown color

  • If you don’t drink your brews black add a little milk for latte style coffee.

  • You’re all done! Pour it in your cup while it’s still hot.



coffee moka pot
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