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Black Rock

The KleenCup Bamboo. 
A Vision Beyond. 

A feel so good  that every sip feels like it's the first
A KleenCup so Sustainable that being carbon positive never felt cooler. 

Sip With Purpose.

About the KleenCup Bamboo 


- Available in 375ml

- Made from degradable Bamboo Fiber

- Kleencup Press Fit Lid allows for engineered optimal liquid flow

- Silicon Band for easy anti-slip and heat protection

- Available in 4 colour combinations

DSC_0458 1.jpg


Made from the highest standards of sustainble Bamboo Fiber, the KleenCup Glass is non-toxic while being carbon positive. 

We continuously focus on developing product solutions that are the smartest choice for not only people but the planet too.


Our unique biopolymer is made from Bamboo Fiber that forms the basis of our cup and lids. 

This helps in hyper-degradation while using less water and during manufacturing. 

Considered design

The ultimate design of a reusable cup.

It is designed to be durable, stylish and ready for every occasion.

Designed to fit perfectly in your hand, your cup holder and with the specially engineered lid to make every sip feel like a first. 

Experience enhancing

A key focus of our design is how the KleenCup Bamboo is during on-the-go and in cafe environments. Designed with

The lid allows for an increase in aromatics of your drinking experience while also enabling the ideal pour rate.

Made with the highest standards to provide you with the most eco-friendly option to use on a daily routine. 

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