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Forming a Positive Habit
One KleenCup at a time. 

The KleenCup is made to inspire the World to start Reusing their products and Reducing the use of Single-Use material.

A Closed Loop Economy
On the Rise

With the rise in the one-time use pollution, we at KleenCup have aimed to use only two different types of plastic for all of our products.

This helps in creating a duo-material range of products that can be easily recycled without having to sort them.

The raw material used in manufacturing the KleenCup is Recyclable Polypropylene for the cup and Recyclable LDPE for the lid. Polypropylene is categorized as a recycled #5. Polypropylene is a clean plastic and does not leach any chemicals and is totally BPA and BPS Free. 


We use this material because of its performance, small downgrade (meaning when you recycled it, the new product has the same qualities), and for health & safety reasons.


Polypropylene is one of the most common plastic, therefore the recycle rate of PP is growing each year, which is great for our goal of reducing the waste generated into Landfills and Oceans. 

Our Core Team Belief

Our core belief is to change the habit of using single-use while making sure you don't change your KleenCup 


All our manufacturing and production is done locally to reduce the carbon footprint of our products. 

The KleenCup aims to reduce the landfill and ocean pollution that has been on the rise. ​


We believe that with the most diversified and hardworking youth in the World, the sky is the limit for the KleenCup family and the KleenCup community.  

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