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Holi Festival

Returnable Packaging for Takeaways


Find the Nearest Location

Find any of our Zero-Waste Partners online as tagged on our Location Page. 

For Events find the Bar Partners

Ask for the Reusable KleenCup

Ask them to provide you with the Reusable KleenCup that can be used at any of our partner Restaurants or Bars

Return to Any Store / Deposit Box

Return the KleenCup at any of the drop points with our partners to get your refundable deposit back. 

Or continue to reuse the KleenCup on go and as a merchandise

KleenCup 11.jpg


KleenCups at your Event and Cafe

"A circular economy initiative that aims to reduce the use of single-use material"

"Bringing the urgent need of circular economy and a Closed-Loop System that is needed today with he use of over 16 billion discarded single use cups annually" 

"A brilliant opportunity for restaurants, cafes and events to reduce the continuous use pollution while being affordable"



The KleenCup packaging uses more than 50% less Co2 than disposables


A strong and sturdy takeaway experience in eco-friendly packaging


The reusability and ease of drop box can't get easier

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