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Paper Cups

The Environmental Impact Of Reusable Cups Vs. Disposable Cups

Ever wonder how much impact your one reusable cup actually makes?


Unless you’re making your drinks at home, you’re likely picking up your drink in a paper cup to go or single use plastic cups and believe it or not it comes with its fair share of negative environmental impact. 



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Fun Fact: Did you know that all paper cups have a plastic lining in them that causes them to not be bio-degradable!


While the outside of most disposable cups is made of paper, inside is a thin layer of plastic which makes it very hard to recycle. That same cup you drank your cold brew in will be sitting in the landfills for the next 20-50 years before it finally breaks down and becomes one with nature again. 

While it takes more energy to produce a reusable cup initially, they have a much longer lifespan of 500+ uses, so their overall environmental impact is much less than disposable cups. It takes less than 20 uses to lower your environmental impact to that of 1 paper cup.

Switching from disposable cup to a reusable cup might seem like an insignificant change but tonnes of plastic can be prevented from accumulating in the landfills just by drinking your coffee in a KleenCup.


Get Yourself A Durable and Reusable Alternative To Single Use

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