Revolutionise the way you drink while making a positive impact on the Environment. Make the switch to reusable cups and ditch the disposables #SipWithPurpose


KleenCup is committed to eco-friendly reusable solutions that help reduce single-use waste and promote a sustainable future. Our purpose is to provide sustainable solutions while keeping style in every sip.
KleenCup aims to inspire and empower individuals to make conscious choices while offering a range of thoughtfully designed reusable cups that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

100% Manufactured in India we strive to create a seamless blend of functionality and style, offering a variety of material, sizes and color to suit every taste and occasion. Whether it's a morning coffee on the go, a refreshing juice during brunch or a relaxing herbal tea in the evening. KleenCup is designed to enhance your everyday rituals while reducing waste.


Experience the harmony of style, functionality, and sustainability with our wide range of materials that is used towards a more sustainable lifestyle

Our Bamboo Fibres that are renewable and biodegradable showcase our approach to be a step ahead of traditions.
The 100% Recyclable Polypropylene is BPA-free making it safe for everyday use and is known for its durablility and versatile nature.
Our High-Quality Borosilicate Glass is renowned for its thermal resistance, and crystal-clear transparency. We understand the importance of offering a premium option for those who prefer the purity and elegance.

Kleencup For

KleenCup believes in working with our partners across the world in helping commit to a sustainable future. These reusable cups can be provided in small and large quantities which are customisable and designed specifically your brands requirements.

Give your team or loved ones a sustainable gift by making sure they reuse their coffee tumblers. KleenCup can be customised and branded completely for your brand that can assist minimise your environmental footprint which is here to support your sustainability goals.

Avesh Sharma

Amazing quality, timely delivery and the best sustainable solution to paper cups. I use my cup everyday and it still looks like new.
Very happy with the KleenCup!

Gaurav Shukla

Reusable cup which can be used for traveling & saves plastic/paper cup use. What can be better than this. I liked the colour & design of the cup.

Surekha Jain

A nice small lid cup with sipper on lid. Very comfortable to hold carry and to store.