Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage people to live a more sustainable lifestyle 

A small step for a big impact

The small choices made by a large community of people can make big impacts 

Our team believes that sustainability, convenience and style can go hand in hand. Especially when a product is mindfully created with attention to detail and positive intentions for the environment, we naturally value it more and respect the precious resources with which it was made.

We’re in a pursuit to make the world just a little bit more Kleener by changing the single-use disposable narrative one cup at a time.

There has been a notion that all plastics are the problem, but we now understand that not only plastic but any single-use disposal is the core problem. KleenCup believes that sustainability is a collective effort and we strive to inspire individuals to make conscious choices in their daily lives. KleenCups mission is to create awareness about the environmental consequences of single-use plastics and inspire a shift towards more sustainable alternatives.

We believe in the power of community and collaboration. Our mission is to build a network of like-minded individuals, businesses and organizations who share our commitment to sustainability. We aim to create a supportive community that drives positive change and amplifies our collective impact and are driven by the urgent need to reduce single-use disposable waste to minimize our carbon footprint.

In the end the question arrises that would you rather buy hundreds of cups per month or buy one Reusable KleenCup that will last for years?

We hope you end up loving the KleenCups as much as we have loved designing and making it for you!