Material Used

Designed to reinforce positive habits of Reusing, Reducing and Repurposing.

Change your habit one KleenCup at a time

Having a KleenCup means having an access to conscious choices, reducing our carbon footprint and leaving a minimal environmental impact on a daily basis. Every time that you choose to reuse is a 100 less disposable in the landfill. 

The answer is not to swap from a standard single-use cup is the one you use.
At KleenCup sustainability meets innovation in every sip.

When we talk about circular economy, it's about designing products and services to reverse the reality of our linear/landfill based global economy.  It's not about recycling it's about designing out waste from products and services through, reduction, reuse and repair. 

The KleenCup is 100% Made in India with a range of thoughtfully designed drinkware crafted from eco-friendly materials - bamboo fibre, polypropylene (PP), and borosilicate glass.durable and reusable food-grade plastic materials for reducing the consumption of single-use disposables. 

KleenCup Material

We carefully consider all material options and have made conscious decisions about what to use, and how. We’ve put together a guide on why we’ve chosen to use the materials that make up our KleenCup ranges, and the alternatives we considered along the way.

Made from durable, lightweight Bamboo Fibre, 100% Recyclable Polypropylene, Borosilicate Glass and with a silicone band, our KleenCup is designed to be modular. Using the highest quality materials, this considered design process determines the entire supply chain, product care and end of life solutions for minimal environmental impact.

1. Cup

1. Bamboo Fibre
2. Polypropylene Plastic (PP) #5 
3. Borosilicate Glass


  • Bamboo Fibre - This remarkable material is renewable, biodegradable, and provides a natural alternative to traditional plastic.
  • Polypropylene Plastic - a durable and versatile material known for its strength and heat resistance. Polypropylene is lightweight, BPA-free and ensures that our products are safe for everyday use. By choosing polypropylene we provide you with a reusable cup that is built to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimising waste. 
  • Borosilicate Glass -We understand the importance of offering a premium option for those who prefer the purity and elegance of glass. This material is renowned for its durability, thermal resistance and crystal-clear transparency. It provides a beautiful and sustainable alternative to disposable cups. 
  • Internal fill lines ensure the correct pour measurements with smaller sized coffees.
  • The Cup lip is designed for pleasurable drinking without the lid as well. 

Product care

  • Dishwasher safe.

  • Microwavable with the lid off to 100°C.

  • Staining will occur with oil or fruit acids.

  • To avoid odour we recommend to store with the lid off. 


polypropylene plastic , silicone band

Material information

It is made of high-grade Bamboo Fibre, #5 Polypropylene Plastic and Borosilicate Glass which is tough, lightweight, heat and moisture resistant. Our material used is one of the most widely used for reusable food-grade containers since it is completely free of harmful BPA & BPS chemicals making it safe and food-grade quality. It has a sleek design integrated with materials that has great insulation properties to keep your beverage warm for longer periods of time. 

The material has high strength and a high melting point, making it microwave and dishwasher safe. The precision used in the manufacturing process and the low energy used helps it generate a low carbon footprint.

The cup comes in two sizes; 295Ml (S) and 375Ml (M) with filling lines inside for measuring purposes. 

2. Band

Food-Grade Silicone #7


  • Heat resistant to protect touch. Flexible, durable and non-porous - making it highly resistant to degradation. 

  • Great non-slip properties, so you can hold tight when drinking on the go. 

Product care

  • Silicone is very durable and can withstand high temperatures, including in the microwave and dishwasher. 

  • Please note: If water gets under the band during washing, it can slide down a cup. For best results, dry band on dry cup.

Material information
The KleenCup Band is made of Silicone, which has a non-slip grip and can withstand high temperatures making it easier for you to hold hot beverages. The silicone band is also highly resistant to degradation due to its flexible and non-porous nature. 

3. Lid

1. Bamboo Fibre
2. Low-density polyethylene plastic (LDPE) #4 plastic 


  • Our firm, easy to press on lid fits easily into a busy service environment, and ensures drinking pleasure on the go. 

  • It's concave shaped to allow room for your nose when drinking, and has a mouthpiece sized for easy liquid flow. 

  • The breather hole, which allows air to escape and enable liquid flow for drinking on the go, is covered and sealed when the plug is closed. Steam will escape with hot beverages that will turn into liquid on the lid.

 Product care

  • We recommend that you wait 30 seconds after pouring boiling water before putting your lid on.

  • Retain the flip in open position for all contents over 70 degrees C.

  • The lid pops directly on and off, make sure you use the tab on the lid to lift off and to firmly and evenly press back on.

  • Dishwasher safe, top rack. 

  • Do not microwave. 

  • Store with lid off. 

Material information

The KleenCup Lid is designed to fit perfectly into the cup to make it as leakproof as possible. It has an easy to use flap for sipping purpise designed to give enough space for the nose while sipping your beverage. The hole at the centre of the flip helps in reducing the vacuume generated by hot liquids.

The Lid pops directly on and off so make sure you firmly and evenly press it back on the cup to close it. 

4. Packaging

The KleenCup Packaging is made out of 100% recycled paper and is also recyclable after use to inspire out consumers to reduce the packaging waste, making it the perfect companion for with out KleenCup values.

It is designed with a reusable cup holder inside to keep you cup in place at all times while also playing the part of eradicating the notion of single use disposable packaging.


  • In addition to telling the story of our products and their benefits, we design packaging that walks the line - avoiding breakage and protecting products in transit while minimising material to reduce waste. 

  • Where appropriate, we work with customers to ship large orders bulk packed and semi assembled, without retail packaging, to reduce waste.

Carton packaging material

Our recycled cardboard cartons are designed to maximise the number of product configurations, and are Made In India to service local markets. All packaging materials are reused within our supply chain and packing processes. The cartons themselves are used first to store and ship components to us from our manufacturers, and are then reused in our assembly locations to ship products to our customers.